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American Beleek presented by Laurel of Maine

Art Pottery offered by Laurel Antiques, Buxton Maine 04093

Limoge and other fine china presented by Laurel Antiques of Maine

Fine Hand Painted porcelains offered by Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Maine 04093

Jewelry offered by Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Me  04093

Fine evening bags and purses are also offered by Laurel  Antiques of Maine.

Miscellaneous China

Laurel Antiques of Maine offers a selection of fine porcelain, china, and art pottery

Ordering is easy from Laurel Antiques of Maine, Buxton, Maine.  04093  207-929-3660


Laurel Antiques
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Art Pottery

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Laurel Antiques proudly presents a selection of art pottery which includes Rookwood, Hampshire, Marblehead, SEG (Saturday Evening Girls), Newcomb, Moorcroft, Fulper, and mid-period Roseville.  Many are artist signed and one of a kind.

Click on the links below to view some of our current stock.


Roseville Pink Cherry Blossom Vase

Moorcroft Furzy Hill Vase

Hampshire Chamberstick SALE

Weller Silvertone Vase SALE

Blue Rookwood Vase SOLD

Gort Pottery Chickadee Figurine SOLD

Gouda Pottery Ashtray SOLD

Bewley Pottery Floral Vase

Rookwood Scenic Vellum Vase by Sally Coyne SOLD

Weller Flower Frog

p219jstpot-t.JPG (5613 bytes) JST & Co. Hair Receiver - (Early Hampshire) SALE

p215hampvse-t.html.JPG (3572 bytes) Hampshire Pottery Green Matte Vase SOLD

p214hampserv-t.JPG (5000 bytes) Hampshire Pottery Serving Jug SOLD

p234hampblvset.JPG (3709 bytes) Hampshire Pottery Vase w/ Molded Leaves SALE

p266newcmossvse-t.JPG (4784 bytes) Newcomb College Vase - Live Oak/Spanish Moss/Moon  SOLD

p267pillinplt-t.JPG (6427 bytes) Pillin Plate of Woman and Boy w/ Balloon

p268pillinbwl-t.JPG (7421 bytes) Pillin Pottery Bowl w/ Bulls  SOLD

p177wellsicardvse-t.JPG (3835 bytes) Tall Weller Sicard Vase SOLD

p42fulperpock-t.jpg (3864 bytes) Fulper Crystalline Glaze Wallpocket SALE

p125wellwoodwallp-t.JPG (4812 bytes) Weller Woodcraft Wallpocket SALE

p260blrookvse-t.JPG (3818 bytes) Rookwood Deep Blue Butterfly Vase SOLD

p261hampwlilyvse-t.JPG (5153 bytes) Hampshire Carved Water Lily Vase SOLD

p139fulppkvse-t.JPG (3819 bytes)Fulper Deep Rose/Purple Vase SALE

p253rosevfalline-t.JPG (5112 bytes)Roseville Blue Falline Vase

p239pillinfish-t.JPG (6341 bytes)Pillin Pottery Small Vase - Fish Motif

p137wellbllouw-t.JPG (5272 bytes)Weller Blue Louwelsa PillowVase

Weller Glendale Vase SALE

Roseville Blue Wisteria Vase  

Pierrefonds Crystalline Vase  SALE

Rookwood Tall Embossed Vase SOLD

Rookwood Iris Glaze Vase

Hampshire Sack Vase  SOLD

Weller Rose Vase by Pillsbury

Marblehead Dec. Vase w/ Flying Ducks

Marblehead Dec. Vase by Hannah Tutt SOLD

Moorcroft "Gypsy" Vase 

Hampshire Green Matte Stein SALE

Moorcroft Wisteria Vase SOLD




Newcomb College Vase w/ Pink Flowers STILL STOLEN!



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