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Laurel Antiques of Maine offers a selection of fine porcelain, china, and art pottery

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American Belleek

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Laurel Antiques is proud to offer selections of American Belleek which include Willets, Lenox, CAC (Ceramic Art Company), Lotus Ware, KTK (Knowles Taylor and Knowles) and Ott and Brewer.  We carry a lovely collection of vases, cider pitchers, tankards and other accessories that will grace your home.

Click the links below to view some of our current stock.


Knowles Taylor and Knowles Pitcher w/ Roses and Netting SOLD

Willets Belleek Shell Cup & Saucer SOLD

Lenox Belleek Enamel Floral Vase SOLD

Lenox Belleek Shamrock Cup & Saucer Trio

Lenox Belleek Heart Shaped Dish

Willets Belleek Vase w/ Roses

Ceramic Art Company Creamer and Open Sugar SOLD

Lenox Belleek Vase w/ Orchids SOLD

Willets Belleek Vase w/ Roses ON SALE

y675bellrsecomp-t.JPG (6130 bytes)Lenox Belleek Double Handled Compote - Roses ON SALE

Lenox Belleek Coffee Pot w/ Yellow Roses - Four Matching Cups & Saucers SOLD

y673bellpedplt-t.JPG (6064 bytes)Lenox Belleek Pedestalled Serving Plate or Tazza ON SALE

Willets Belleek Stein/Mug w/ Blackberries ON SALE

1930's Lenox Lidded Dish/Compote

Willets Belleek Plate w/ Rose & Lilac Motif

CAC Belleek Tankard w/ Grapes  SOLD

CAC Belleek Individual Salt Dip

CAC Belleek 18" Handled Urn Vase SOLD

Early (c. 1906-1930) Lenox Coffee Set





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