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American Beleek presented by Laurel of Maine

Art Pottery offered by Laurel Antiques, Buxton Maine 04093

Limoge and other fine china presented by Laurel Antiques of Maine

Fine Hand Painted porcelains offered by Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Maine 04093

Jewelry offered by Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Me  04093

Fine evening bags and purses are also offered by Laurel  Antiques of Maine.

Miscellaneous China availabe at Laurel Antiques Buxton Maine

Laurel Antiques of Maine offers a selection of fine porcelain, china, and art pottery

Ordering is easy from Laurel Antiques of Maine, Buxton, Maine.  04093  207-929-3660


Laurel Antiques
of Maine

Buxton, ME 04093

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Costume Jewelry

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Laurel Antiques offers a wide selection of costume jewelry, from designer pieces to unsigned beauties.  We carry items from glitz to understated elegance.  Please take the time to browse our stock.  You might find just the piece you are looking for!

Below is a sampling of our:                                         Click Below for a sampling of our:                                       
Signed Costume Jewelry                            Unsigned Costume Beauties



Hand Painted Porcelain Portrait Pin

Panetta Faux Coral & Rhinestone Ring

Austrian Pink Rhinestone Brooch

Hobe Light Green & Yellow Necklace

r343leafoxface-t.JPG (8394 bytes) Lea Stein Goupil Fox Head Pin SOLD

r650leaturtle-t.JPG (7330 bytes) Lea Stein Turtle Pin - Copper Metallic & Black SOLD

r197pavchickpin-t.JPG (6075 bytes) Pavone Red Chick Brooch

r199pavtigerpin-t.JPG (7226 bytes) Pavone Tiger Brooch SOLD

r921rmandlepin-t.JPG (7134 bytes) R. Mandle Elf in Peanut Shell Pin

r904kramerpin-t2.JPG (8930 bytes) Kramer Rhinestone Brooch

r002haglerneckset2-t.JPG (9239 bytes) Stanley Hagler Necklace Set  SOLD

r627starbrac-t.JPG (8793 bytes) Signed Star Purple Rhinestone Bracelet SOLD

r14shaglerxmaspin-t.JPG (8714 bytes) Stanley Hagler Christmas Tree Pin  SOLD

r967bouchskunk-t.JPG (7177 bytes) Boucher Enamel & Rhinestone Skunk Pin SOLD

r132mazerpin-t.JPG (7196 bytes) Mazer Bros. Rhinestone Brooch SOLD

Kramer Yellow Necklace Set   SOLD

Lisner Pretty Red Rhinestone Necklace

DeMario Red Necklace Set

Austrian Brooch Set -Green Hearts

West German Violet Brooch & Earrings SOLD

Elegant Sarah Coventry Brooch Set SOLD

Kramer Magenta Brooch Set SOLD

Lea Stein Collection of Pins

Trifari Rhinestone Necklace Set

Stanley Hagler Green Necklace Set  SOLD

Czech. Green Crystal Necklace

Florenza Pendant Necklace  SOLD






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