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Laurel Antiques proudly presents a beautiful selection of Limoges with which our customers have become familiar.  Many of our pieces have roses and fruit.  We offer vases, punch bowls, jardinieres, tankards, cider pitchers, chocolate pots and sets as well as other fine accessories for your home.

Click the links below to view some of our current stock.


Limoges Miniature Cup & Saucer

Limoges Personal Tea Set w/ Roses

Limoges Pedestal Tea Cup & Saucer w/ Roses SOLD

Limoges Sherrat's Decorated Hat Pin Holder

Large Limoges Tray w/ Roses SOLD

Limoges Chocolate Cup & Saucer

Large Limoges Jardiniere w/ Roses

Limoges Large Portrait Tray/Plaque by Baumy SOLD

Limoges Tea Strainer w/ Roses SOLD
Limoges Teapot w/ Roses SOLD

Limoges Tankard w/ Balckberries

Limoges Tea Trivet

Limoges Loving Cup w/ Roses

Limoges Dresser Tray w/ Roses SOLD

Limoges Pansy Plate

Large Limoges Jardiniere w/ Roses SOLD

Limoges Cup & Saucer w/ Violets SOLD

Limoges rose vase Limoges Vase w/ Roses SOLD

y814limeggdsh-t.JPG (6793 bytes) Haviland Limoges Deviled Egg Dish SOLD

y560limblkbrrycomp-t.JPG (6699 bytes) Limoges Blackberry Pedestaled Compote

y786rosebwl-t.html.JPG (5618 bytes) Footed Rose Bowl/Jardiniere by Ida Upton Paine SOLD

y808limcandle-t.JPG (6073 bytes) Limoges Chamberstick or Candle Stick w/ Roses SOLD

y757limrsepowd-t.JPG (6042 bytes) Limoges Powder Jar w/ Pink Roses SOLD

y787crmsug-t.JPG (6004 bytes) Limoges Creamer & Sugar Basket

y772limgrppunch-t.JPG (6341 bytes) Limoges Pedestaled Punch Bowl w/ Grapes SOLD

y264limportplt-t.html.JPG (6982 bytes) Limoges Princess de Lamballe Portrait Plate

y562limcorncake-t.JPG (5795 bytes) Limoges Cake Plate w/ Corn Motif SOLD

y765limvioltry-t.JPG (5777 bytes) Limoges Dresser Tray w/ Violets SOLD

y696limrosedemicup-t.JPG (7125 bytes) Limoges Demitasse Cup & Saucer -Pink Roses

y695limivydemicup.html-t.JPG (7458 bytes) Limoges Demitasse Cup & Saucer -Gilt Ivy Decoration SOLD

y753limberrybwl-t.JPG (6137 bytes) Limoges Footed Bowl w/ Blackberries SOLD

y659limiriscoffee-t.JPG (5932 bytes) Large Limoges Coffee Pot w/ Iris  SOLD

y543limteaset-t.JPG (6060 bytes) Limoges Personal Sized Tea Set w/ Roses SOLD

y543limcups-t.JPG (6491 bytes) Limoges Cup & Saucers w/ Roses - Matches Tea Set Above

y722limrsevse-t.JPG (4293 bytes) Limoges Vase w/ Dark & Light Pink Roses SOLD

y653limblscallop-t.JPG (4945 bytes) Limoges Scallop or Oyster Dishes

y745limrsecider-t.JPG (7365 bytes) Limoges Factory Decorated Pitcher w/ Pink Roses by Segur

y674limrserelish-t.JPG (5902 bytes) Limoges Pink Rose & Forget-me-not Relish Dish

y649limrsedrsstry-t.JPG (5986 bytes) Limoges Rose Dresser Tray

y738limrsetoothpck-t.JPG (4045 bytes) Limoges Toothpick w/  Roses  SOLD

y714limrsepitch-t.JPG (5887 bytes) Limoges Pink Rose Pitcher  SOLD

y736limviolcup-t.JPG (6958 bytes) Limoges Cup & Saucer w/ Violets  SOLD

y202limpwt-t.JPG (5612 bytes) Limoges Paperweight w/ Violets ON SALE

y742limrosesvse-t.JPG (4375 bytes) Limoges Vase w/ Roses & Butterflies ON SALE

y721limviolvse-t.html.JPG (5062 bytes) Limoges Vase w/ Violets  SOLD

y720pansyewer-t.JPG (7621 bytes) Ewer with Pansies ON SALE

y713limemilerseadsh-t.JPG (6981 bytes) Limoges Seafood Dish Painted by E. Miler  SOLD

y633limberryserv-t.JPG (6841 bytes) Limoges Floral Handled Server w/ Blackberry Motif  SOLD

y27limpeonybwl-t.JPG (7453 bytes) Limoges Shallow Bowl w/ Peonies & Gilt Scrollwork ON SALE

y28limcelery-t.JPG (8397 bytes) Limoges Celery Dish w. Peonies & Gilt Scrollwork

y353limpeapodtry-t.JPG (6198 bytes) Limoges Unusual Motif Tray or Platter - Pea Pods ON SALE

y213limdemicup-1.JPG (8064 bytes)Limoges Cobalt & Gilt Demitasse Cup & Saucer SOLD

y678limseadish-t.JPG (6343 bytes)Limoges Scenic Seafood Dish - Sailing Schooners

y709limposy-t.JPG (5309 bytes)Limoges Posy Holder / Rooting Pot w/ Violets  SOLD

y650limcondmilk-t.JPG (6190 bytes)Limoges Condensed Milk Container w/ Blackberries SOLD

y605limrsepitch-t.JPG (4696 bytes)Limoges Unusual Mold Pitcher w/. Yellow Roses SOLD

y203limgulltry2-t.JPG (4910 bytes)Limoges Framed Tray w/ Ocean & Seagulls Scene

y652limrosetry-t.JPG (5398 bytes) Limoges Pink Rose Tray

y705limpkrosepowd-ta.JPG (5395 bytes)  Limoges Pink Rose Powder Jar SOLD

y656limyellrsechg-t.JPG (8392 bytes)Limoges Still Life Scene Charger w/. Yellow Roses & Lilacs

y659limorchidcake-t.JPG (7002 bytes)Limoges Orchid Motif Cake Plate

y585limseadsh-t.JPG (5372 bytes)Limoges Seafood Dish - Shell Motif

y653limramekin-t.JPG (6713 bytes)Factory Decorated Limoges Ramekin w/ Underplate SOLD

y679limviolcrmsug-t.JPG (7964 bytes)Limoges Cream and Sugar w/ Violets

y667limpunchbwl-t.JPG (7501 bytes)Limoges Punch Bowl w/ Grapes

Limoges Unusually Shaped Blackberry Bowl ON SALE

Limoges Leaf Shaped Dish w/ Pink Roses

Limoges Humidor w/ Violets & Pipe Finial

Limoges Cracker Jar w/ Roses ON SALE

Limoges Pink Rose Vase ON SALE

Limoges Violets & Roses Server

Limoges Factory Decorated Handled Bowl w/ Pink Lilies ON SALE

Beautiful Limoges Potpourri Jar w/ Violets

Limoges Club Shaped Mint/Nut Dish w/ Roses

Limoges Ornately Molded Morning Glory Vase  SOLD

Limoges Portrait Plate

Limoges Pink Wild Rose Tea Set SOLD

Beautiful Factory Decorated Limoges Rose Charger

Limoges Grape Tankard ON SALE

Haviland Charger w/ Pink & Red Poppies

Limoges Charger w/ Roses

Limoges? Plaque SOLD

Limoges Grape Charger ON SALE

Limoges Punch Bowl or Center Bowl ON SALE



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