Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Maine  04093  207-929-3660

American Beleek presented by Laurel of Maine

Art Pottery offered by Laurel Antiques, Buxton Maine 04093

Limoge and other fine china presented by Laurel Antiques of Maine

Fine Hand Painted porcelains offered by Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Maine 04093

Jewelry offered by Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Me  04093

Fine evening bags and purses are also offered by Laurel  Antiques of Maine.

Miscellaneous items available at Laurel Antiques

Laurel Antiques of Maine offers a selection of fine porcelain, china, and art pottery

Ordering is easy from Laurel Antiques of Maine, Buxton, Maine.  04093  207-929-3660


Laurel Antiques
of Maine

Buxton, ME 04093

207-929-3660 or 207-329-2302



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Laurel Antiques also offers other interesting items such as art glass, paperweights, lamps, prints, trinket boxes and occasional vintage clothing and hats.  You will never know what you might find in this category!

Click the links below to view some of our current stock.


Royal Doulton Black & White Cat Figurine

Beswick Labrador Retriever Dog Figurine

Royal Doulton Puppy w/ Ball Figurine

Beswick Scottie Dog Figurine

b585lundbvse-t.JPG (5995 bytes) Lundberg Studios Sunset Vase

y752besbordcollfig-t.JPG (5805 bytes) Beswick Border Collie Figurine SOLD

y652roydspaniel-t.JPG (4989 bytes) Royal Doulton Cocker Spaniel Figurine SOLD

ak2doultpeng-t.JPG (4602 bytes) Doulton Penguin Figurine  SOLD

b459perthpwt-t.JPG (10318 bytes)Perthshire Paperweight SOLD

Perthshire Paperweight SOLD

b462perthpwt-t.JPG (10946 bytes)Perthshire Paperweight SOLD

b566perthpwt-t.JPG (10871 bytes)Perthshire Paperweight SOLD

w117ww1print-t.JPG (6835 bytes)"Keep The Home Fires Burning" WW I Print

Lovely Scenic Beaded Picture

Deco Tiered Lamp w/ Sailboat  SOLD

y502bandgpuppyfig-t.JPG (4055 bytes) Bing and Grondahl Puppy Figurine SOLD

Orient & Flume Tall Vase w/ Irises SOLD

Green Jack in the Pulpit Vase

Wavecrest Hinged Box ON SALE SOLD

Town Crier Paperweight

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