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Limoge and other fine china presented by Laurel Antiques of Maine

Fine Hand Painted porcelains offered by Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Maine 04093

Jewelry offered by Laurel of Maine, Buxton, Me  04093

Fine evening bags and purses are also offered by Laurel  Antiques of Maine.

Miscellaneous china available at Laurel's Antiques

Laurel Antiques of Maine offers a selection of fine porcelain, china, and art pottery

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Other Porcelains

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Laurel Antiques also offers other porcelains for your home.   We have been known to sell Austrian, Nippon, R.S. Prussia, Pickard, Royal Bonn, Royal Doulton, Coalport, Shelley, etc.  You never know what goodies we may find to offer our customers.

Click the links below to view some of our current stock.


Bavarian Talc or Sugar Shaker

t1niprseplt-t.JPG (8662 bytes) Nippon Plate w/ Roses & Cobalt Rim

y419royvienportvse-t.JPG (8530 bytes) Royal Vienna Portrait Vase

y747nippcup-t.JPG (7192 bytes) Nippon Scenic Tea Cup & Saucer - Palm trees/Sailboat

y349nipdressjar-t.html.JPG (5693 bytes)Nippon Scenic Dresser Jar on Tall Feet  SOLD

y778rscup-t.JPG (6848 bytes)R.S. Prussia Icicle Mold Chocolate Cup & Saucer

y432oldivorycup-t.JPG (7867 bytes)Old Ivory Cup & Saucer - Pattern XI

y520shelleycampanula-t.JPG (7095 bytes)Shelley Campanula Tea Cup & Saucer

y654nipheartbox-t.JPG (5695 bytes)Nippon Heart Shaped Scenic Trinket Box  SOLD

y516shelleydaffcup-t.JPG (8668 bytes)Shelley Daffodil Time Tea cup & Saucer

y365shelleyshamcup-t.JPG (5636 bytes)Shelley Shamrock Tea Cup & Saucer SOLD

Shelley Campanula Tea Cup & Saucer  SOLD

y259osbornecoff-t.JPG (6908 bytes)Osborne Decorated Coffee Pot - Outstanding Gilt Work! ON SALE

Bavarian Pink Roses Salt & Pepper Shakers  SOLD

Bunny Motif Creamer or Syrup w/ Underplate

L. Hutschenreuther Bunny Motif Plate & Bowl

RS Prussia Iris Mold Dresser Tray ON SALE

Karl Ens Bird Figurine SOLD

Royal Bonn Portrait Vase  SOLD

Royal Bonn Clock - Wild Rose Motif

Tall Karlsbad Cobalt w/ Roses Vase

Sweet Austrian Vase w/ Pink & Red Roses

Velvet Framed Dish of Victorian Girl SOLD

Royal Doulton "Belle O The Ball" Figurine ON SALE

Chintz - Royal Winton Royalty Teacup & Saucer

Stunning Red Carlton Ware Bowl - Oriental Motif SOLD

Austrian Candleholder -Art & Crafts Bayberry Design w/ Poem/motto ON SALE

Royal Albert "Blossom Time" Dish  SOLD

R.S. Germany Basket

Pretty Austrian Pedestaled Petit Four Server

Floral Dresden Basket

E.S. Prov Saxe Portrait Dish

Pickard Classic Ruins Charger ON SALE

Arts & Crafts Decorated Porcelain Vase

Unusual Three Dimensional Plaque ON SALE

Selection of Shelley Tall Trees Pattern

Stunning Royal Bonn Tapestry Vase - 13 1/2"

Beautiful Doulton Burslem Rose Plate

Austrian/German Rose Cups & Saucers -Set of 4

Austrian Cake Plate w/ Cherries

Rosenthal Cake Plate w/ Roses

Royal Doulton Robin Hood Plate ON SALE

Pickard Rose Basket Teapot SOLD

Pickard Encrusted Fruit Cake Plate ON SALE


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