Laurel of Maine 17 Brandow Lane, Buxton, Maine  04093  207-929-3660

American Beleek presented by Laurel of Maine

Art Pottery offered by Laurel Antiques, Buxton Maine 04093

Limoge and other fine china presented by Laurel Antiques of Maine

Fine Hand Painted porcelains offered by Laurel of Maine 17 Brandow Lane, Buxton, Maine 04093

Jewelry offered by Laurel of Maine, 17 Brandow Lane, Buxton, Me  04093

Fine evening bags and purses are also offered by Laurel  Antiques of Maine.

Miscellaneous china available at Laurel's Antiques

Laurel Antiques of Maine offers a selection of fine porcelain, china, and art pottery

Ordering is easy from Laurel Antiques of Maine, 17 Brandow Lane, Buston, Maine.  04093  207-929-3660


Laurel Antiques
of Maine

I7 Brandow Lane      Buxton, ME 04093

207-929-3660 or 207-329-2302


More Treasures

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Laurel Antiques also offers other treasures for your home.   We have been known to sell Nippon, R.S. Prussia, Royal Bonn, Doulton Burslem, glassware etc.  You never know what goodies we may find to offer our customers.

Click the links below to view some of our current stock.

Nippon Scenic Vase

Pickard Scenic Vellum Vase

German Blackberry Charger

Austrian Vase with Roses

Framed Portrait Brooch/Pendant -Wagner?

English Porcelain Candle Snuffer (SOLD)

Royal Bonn Portrait Vase (SOLD)

Zsolnay Large Bear Figure

Sevres Semi-Nude Portrait Plate

Dresden Boy Figurine

Czecoslovakian h.p. Vase w/ Roses

Nippon Egg Cup



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